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In this page you can find the projects used to produce the maps available on this site. You can download them and use them to produce your own missions, without bothering of all those annoying operations listed in the User Guide (set up, getting the coordinates system, producing a z-depth map, calibrate it, ...).

For example, download and install Libye from the map list. You have to maintain the directory structure "H&D2 main folder/Missions/MIKA/LIBYE_A". Then download the relative project file "Libye.prj" and z-depth file "Libye.prj.jpg". Put both these files inside the RevEngEd 2 /Saved/ directory and start the editor. If you have set correctly the folders in "Generals" tab of the editor, you can now work on you own version of Libye 1. You have z-depth map and coordinates ready for use... you can delete all actors you don't want, adding other ones... delete, move, insert new zones of capture... and so on.

Here's a list of projects completed so far. Not every one has a z-depth map. (Right-click and save object as)

New MapSource ProjectZ-Depth
ArticArtic 3 Artic 3.prj  
LibyeLibye 1 co-op Libye.prj Libye.prj.jpg
MinaretAfrica 3 Minaret.prj  
Old Lady HouseCzech 3 Old Lady.prj  
SubmarinesBrest Submarines.prj Submarines.prj.jpg
Train StationCzech 1 Station.prj  

As new missions will be created, this list will updated too.